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Our team of seasoned childcare professionals brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Benefit from personalized advice tailored to your unique vision.

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Meet the visionary force behind Childcare Bawse University—Dr. Cortesha Cowan, known as

"The Business Birthing Coach," is a dedicated professional with a passion for empowering childcare centers. As a seasoned Business Coach specializing in childcare, she is committed to assisting childcare centers in their journey to open and succeed.


Our Premium Services

Unlock the full potential of your childcare business with The Childcare Bawse's exclusive Love Offer Coaching Package. Tailored to nurture and elevate your leadership and operational skills, this package is designed to bring out the best in your childcare center.

Package Includes:

Operational Excellence Workshop

Participate in an exclusive workshop focusing on operational best practices. Learn how to streamline processes, ensure compliance, and create an environment of operational excellence within your childcare center.

5 Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Session

Enjoy a deep-dive coaching session with our experienced Childcare Bawse Coach. Address specific challenges, set goals, and receive personalized guidance to propel your childcare business forward.

Marketing and Enrollment Strategy Session

Dive into a strategic session focusing on marketing and enrollment. Discover effective strategies to attract new families, enhance your online presence, and fill your childcare center with eager learners.

We have Develop a Business Plan

Define your business framework, outlining the target age groups you aim to serve, specifying operating hours, and highlighting any distinctive services you plan to provide. This strategy has proven beneficial for numerous aspiring childcare entrepreneurs.



The Childcare Bawse's support has been invaluable in opening and running my home childcare center. I am grateful for her guidance and ongoing assistance.

Brit Bratz

The Childcare Bawse is a dedicated consultant who provided comprehensive support in opening my childcare center in Mississippi. She not only designed my logos but also provided all necessary forms and documents. Her end package is highly recommended, and she continues to provide ongoing support. Contact her today for exceptional childcare coaching and consulting.

Creative Stars


What can I expect from a one-hour childcare coaching session?

A one-hour childcare coaching session can cover a variety of topics and activities, depending on the specific goals and needs of the individual or group involved.

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